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Hey y'all! I'm Leslie! A southern girl at heart who loves to travel!  I am a mom to two teen boys and my seniors girl clients are my chance to get some girl time in!  I love taking photos and documenting my clients' stories!  Check out this blog for fun info, sessions and so much more!

And why do you need one?

what is a branding photoshoot

Do you own your own business? Or a side hustle? If you said yes to either of these, then most likely you have needed a headshot at some point. But a headshot is simply one photo, usually very posed and professional but it does not tell the story of you, your business and your brand.

A branding photoshoot is much more than a headshot! A branding photoshoot is a chance to showcase your business visually. It allows you to tell the complete story of who you are, what your brand represents and what you do through photos that include you, your team, your products, your process, where you work, your brand colors, props and so much more. A branding photoshoot allows you to convey what makes your business unique.

Branding Photos Create The Know, Like, Trust Factor

show your personality through brand photos

In today’s world, people buy from people. Consumers trust a company more when they know the person behind the company, when they see the human behind the business and when they can relate to the person behind the brand.

Seeing the person behind the brand through photos allows the potential client to connect on a personal level. Then they start to follow you and your journey to get to know you and then start to trust you because you are consistently showing up with photos to share who you are and what you do.

And a branding photoshoot can give you a library of photos so that you are consistently showing up and showing who you are to create the know, like, trust factor with your potential clients.

Branding Photos Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Brand photos can be used on social media, your website, marketing materials and much more. Quality brand photos (not just iphone photos!) can really make all the difference to take your brand to the next level.

Branding photos can give you more exposure, more consistency and more confidence which will in turn take your business to the next level. By having professional photos taken, you will be able to showcase what you do with a level of professionalism that iPhone photos and selfies don’t convey.

Branding Photos Can Set You and Your Business Apart from the Competition

I hear it all the time…”there are so many photographers in my area!” “There are so many realtors in my area!” “There are so many (insert profession here) in my area!” But what all those other photographers, realtors or whatever business you are in don’t have is YOU! You are what sets your business apart from the competition. And having branding photos that show off you, your uniqueness and what makes your brand special is what will set your business apart from the competition. Think about it…if there are two realtors that a client is choosing between…one only shows one headshot and it is super professional, buttoned up type shot (you know the one where they are in a suit, hands folded in front, looking at camera) and the other shows more relatable photos through a series of shots throughout their website and social media that pull the potential client in by sharing things like the realtor in the home they are selling, setting up for the showing, fluffing pillows, baking cookies for the open house and more which one is more relatable, more real and makes you want to work with them?? For me, hands down it would be option two because I would feel like I knew them through their photos!There is just something special that can really set you apart from others when you have a custom branding shoot that tells your story, shows off the things that make you you, fits your color palette, your personality, your style and speaks directly to your ideal client.

locations to help tell your brand story

My Tips for Planning a Branding Photoshoot

So now that I have shared what a branding shoot is, are you ready to set one up?? 🙂 Once you decide on a branding shoot for your business, here are some tips for what to do next.

Find a photographer that works best for you

Any photographer can take photos of any genre but finding a photographer that specifically takes branding photos can make all the difference. Because branding photoshoots need to tell the story of who you are, you need to find a photographer who can take a variety of shots that tell your story. Remember, this is more than just a headshot and you need to make sure the photographer you choose understands that.

Look at the potential photographer’s social media and website. Do you like their editing style? Does their overall vibe fit what you are looking for?

A great branding photographer will take the time to get to know you, what you do and why you do it. For all of my branding clients, I send out a questionnaire that allows me to get to know each and every one of my clients and allows me to plan their shoot specifically for them. I want to know why you do what you do, why you are passionate about it and how you started. Knowing these things in addition to your branding colors, your aesthetic and your personality will allow me to tell your unique story.

Make a list of goals for your shoot

Brainstorm and write down what exactly you want out of this branding shoot. Anytime you have professional photos taken, make sure you are getting the most out of the shoot and really getting exactly what you want. Ask yourself, “What do I want these images to convey?” Think about the strategy and goals behind the shoot and share them with your photographer so you are on the same page.

Create an inspiration board and share it with your photographer

As a brand photographer, I will provide you with lots of information about how to prep for your branding photoshoot and one of the things I do with every client is ask them to make a pinterest board for inspiration. The reason for this is so that I can see a visual representation as to what you want. Sometimes clients say I want a bright, airy look but their version of bright and airy may be different than mine so seeing an example of that look will help me or any photographer you hire know exactly what you are looking for. Pinterest is such a great tool when planning a branding photoshoot because it allows you to create a visual blueprint for what you are looking for in your photoshoot.

Choose your outfits based on your brand colors

choose colors that fit brand

Since a branding photoshoot is a visual representation of your brand, choosing colors that fit your brand’s look for what you wear is key. These photos will be on social media and on your website so you want them to match the look and feel of your brand. If you are a photographer and your brand is all about subdued colors and shadows then you do not want branding photos that are full of bright colors because it won’t match. So make sure your wardrobe fits in with your brand’s colors and overall aesthetic and vibe.

In addition to wearing brand colors, make sure your outfits are ones you love and make you feel super confident. This is not the time to try a new trend or wear something super boho if you are more of a classic style. Pick clothing that fits you and your style and are within your branding color palette.

Think about locations that fit you

Where do you do most of your work? Do you have an office or do you work from home? Maybe you spend your days in your favorite coffee shop with your computer and a cup of joe. Maybe your job has you spending a lot of time outdoors. Whatever location fits the look and feel of your brand, will be the perfect spot for your shoot. Convey to your photographer where you work and talk to him or her about the specific locations that will work for the shoot. Your photographer should work with you on the locations.

Find props that fit your brand

props for branding photo shoot

Props can be really useful when it comes to telling your story. If you are a blogger, then most likely you spend a lot of time with a laptop or your phone. So these two items would be perfect props for your shoot. You want your props to feel like you and again fit your brand. Just like with your outfits, having props that showcase your brand colors is a great idea. And adding a prop that shows the personal side of you is also good. Since you are your brand, you need to share some personal things as well because again customers buy from people.

Consider how you will use these photos and what you specifically need

It is super important that you know exactly what you need before you arrive at your shoot. You do not want to go through the entire shoot and end up with photos you can’t use so make sure you know the size and orientation for your website. Does your website need vertical or horizontal images? What size does your website support? Creating a shot list specifically for your website and social media with the size and orientation for each is super helpful. This way your photographer knows exactly what to take and you can get the most out of your shoot.

No matter what photographer you choose for your branding photoshoot, make sure they work with you to get you exactly what you need, they help you feel confident and make the shoot lots of fun!

If you are looking for a branding photographer or want to book a branding photoshoot for your business, email me at I would love to help tell the story of you and your brand through photos!!



What is a Branding Photoshoot?

July 22, 2020

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Your Future Self Will Thank You


Let Go of Your Limiting Beliefs


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Hey y'all! I'm Leslie! A southern girl at heart who loves to travel!  I am a mom to two teen boys and my seniors girl clients are my chance to get some girl time in!  I love taking photos and documenting my clients' stories!  Check out this blog for fun info, sessions and so much more!

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