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The LKP Model team is a family!  We get to know each other, form amazing friendships and are there for each other throughout your senior year!  Being a part of the team gives you an unforgettable experience for your senior year!

Each year, I look for high school juniors to represent Leslie Kerrigan Photography during their senior year of high school.  As a member of the model team, you become part of a fun group of girls who participate in photoshoots, events and community service projects to help give back.

Being a part of this team allows girls to bond together, meet other girls they may not normally meet, support one another, represent LKP in all our marketing, participate in fun photoshoots, travel together and be a part of something special during their senior year.

Not only do models receive photos throughout their senior year, but they also become part of the LKP family and make their senior year even more memorable.

What is The LKP Model team?

"We are family! We text each other, ask for advice and love hanging out together!"

LKP Models Receive:

styled Group photoshoots

Individual senior session

LKP Model trips

Opportunity to earn rewards

Fun events & more

Participate in charity activities

Being a part of the LKP Model team means amazing stylized photo shoots throughout the year!  All of the LKP Models get introductory headshots as well as several group concept shoots during your senior year!  And there are bonus shoots as well that LKP Models can participate in!

In addition to the fun group shoots, each LKP Model receive their own individual senior photo session planned with her unique personality in mind!

Each year we come up with a charity to work with that may be near and dear to one or more than one of the models.  It is a great way to give back to the community as a group.

Travel with your LKP Model Family on fun group trips where we also do styled shoots!  The beach, the mountains, maybe even somewhere international...nothing beats traveling together to experience new things and bond!

Throughout the year, the LKP Models get together for coffee, pizza night, tailgate parties and more!  We are always looking for ways to get together to create friendships that bond us together for a lifetime.

As models, you get an opportunity to earn rewards by sharing about Leslie Kerrigan Photography.  Share your experience, tell your friends about LKP and sharing photos from your shoots are all ways that you can spread the word and earn rewards such as bonus shoots and more!

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Applications are accepted during the winter of your junior year via a VIP process.  In order to be on our VIP list for applications for the Class of 2021,
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