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Model Perks

The LKP Model team is a family!  We get to know each other, form amazing friendships and are there for each other throughout your senior year!  Being a part of the team gives you an unforgettable experience for your senior year!

Each year, I look for high school juniors to represent Leslie Kerrigan Photography during their senior year of high school.  As a member of the model team, you become part of a fun group of girls who participate in photoshoots, events and community service projects to help give back.

Being a part of this team allows girls to bond together, meet other girls they may not normally meet, support one another, represent LKP in all our marketing, participate in fun photoshoots, travel together and be a part of something special during their senior year.

Not only do models receive photos throughout their senior year, but they also become part of the LKP family and make their senior year even more memorable.

What is The LKP Model team?

"We are family! We text each other, ask for advice and love hanging out together!"



LKP Models Receive:

styled Group photoshoots

Individual senior session

LKP Model trips

Life Skill Classes

Fun events & more

Participate in charity activities

Being a part of the LKP Model team means amazing stylized photo shoots throughout the year!  All of the LKP Models get introductory headshots as well as several group concept shoots during your senior year!  And there are bonus shoots as well that LKP Models can participate in!

In addition to the fun group shoots, each LKP Model receive their own individual senior photo session planned with her unique personality in mind!

Each year we come up with a charity to work with that may be near and dear to one or more than one of the models.  It is a great way to give back to the community as a group.

Travel with your LKP Model Family on fun group trips where we also do styled shoots!  The beach, the mountains, maybe even somewhere international...nothing beats traveling together to experience new things and bond!

Throughout the year, the LKP Models get together for coffee, pizza night, tailgate parties and more!  We are always looking for ways to get together to create friendships that bond us together for a lifetime.

Learning life skills is so important!  As a team, we attend classes that help us learn things such as self-defense, college prep, car care, sorority rush and so much more!  These educational classes are so fun to do together as a team!

MOdel faq's

What models are saying...

""When I was first considering LKP, I was slightly hesitant because I didn't think I would ever be able to model or take a solo picture and it was extremely out of my comfort zone!! What I didn't know is that it is so much more than just pictures!  I remember our first shoot was a weekend trip to Charleston, and I went in not knowing the majority of the girls.  But by the time I left, I had 20 new best friends that I didn't want to leave!!  LKP has given me pictures, friends and memories that will last a lifetime and I am so grateful to Leslie for that!  Not only is Leslie an amazing photographer, but she is a second mom and best friend to all of us!  She always makes sure that we all feel so comfortable at the shoots and she makes it so fun and easy!  I could go on and on about how much I have loved every single second of LKP and I'm so excited for many more memories with my LKP Family!!


"Ever since joining LKP, I have learned so much about myself and made so many great friendships with the girls and Leslie!  Leslie makes it her priority to promote confidence in her girls by making them comfortable in their own skin.  All of the girls are hand selected for their amazing personalities and what they can bring to the group.  The encouragement and support I have received from this program is still alive today even though we are all off at different schools.  I have recently joined a sorority with a fellow LKP Model who is now my Big Sister!  It really is a family that never leaves you!  I am so grateful for the opportunities that this program has brought me, including an amazing destination shoot in southern California!  Leslie is not only a great mentor but a friend!!

- Kate

- Olivia

"I would definitely recommend the LKP Model Program!  Leslie and this program has truly helped me gain so much confidence in myself and it has made me love modeling so much more!!  Leslie makes it so easy and makes sure each of us feel comfortable in front of the camera during shoots.  It is so much more than just taking photos!  I've had many fun adventures with her and the entire team and I have made a lot of new friends in the process!!

"Freshman year, I heard about the LKP Model Program.  At the time I was majorly struggling with self-confidence and thought I'd never get picked to be one of her spokesmodels.  A couple of years went by and I was encouraged to apply by my dear friend Katie for the 2021 Model Team.  To my greatest shock, I was picked for the team and instantly overjoyed with a chance to meet wonderful girls and gain confidence both in front of and away from the camera.  From the start of my first photoshoot with Leslie and the girls, I felt accepted and beautiful in my own skin for the first time.  This program isn't just about looking pretty in front of the camera but about meeting friends that last a lifetime and having a second mom who is a wonderful mentor for us all.  If you are hesitant to apply or get pictures taken by her...DO IT!  Trust me, you will not regret it!  I am so thankful for all that the LKP Model Program has done for me!!

- Stella

The Application Process

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Join the VIP List by entering your email below!  All those on the list will receive emails with information and the application will be emailed to the list on December 5, 2022! Entering your email does not commit you to the program but it does get you all the info about the program!

On December 5, 2022, you will receive the application.  Fill it out and hit submit!  I will review all the applications and invite applicants to the LKP Model Info Night.  During this info night, you and a parent will learn even more about the program and be able to ask questions you may have!  I will interview you (don't worry its super informal!) to get to know you better!

After the LKP Model Info Night, those that make the team will be notified in a fun way!  Once you are notified, you can celebrate being part of the Class of 2024 LKP Model Team and we will get started having fun with photo shoots, events and more!!!

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Applications are accepted during the winter of your junior year via a VIP process.  The VIP List will open for the Class of 2025 in December 2023.

The VIP List Is Currently Closed

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frequently asked questions

How many models do you take each year?

There is no set number from year to year.  I base it on those I feel would be a good fit for my team.  I wish I could take everyone but in order to give the girls on the team the best experience I can't take everyone that applies.

When Can I apply to be a model?

The search for my model team begins the fall/winter of your junior year.  I will make an announcement on social and the current team will also let people know that the search has begun!  Be sure to follow @lesliekerriganphoto on Instagram so you will know exactly when to apply.

What if I can't make it to every shoot?

The shoots are set up to allow models to attend as many as they would like.  However, I understand that not every will make every shoot.  The only shoot that is required is the styled model shoot.

when do photo shoots take place?

I schedule model shoots on Sundays if possible because most girls can make a Sunday shoot and it doesn't interfere with sports, etc.  I also try to give two date options for most shoots and allow the team to vote on which works best.  Majority wins!

Can I be on your model team and have my photos taken by another photographer?

In short, no!  By being on the LKP Model Team you agree to use me for your senior photos.  You will be a representative of my photography business so it doesn't make sense to have another photographer take your photos!

What do you look for in a lkp model?

I look for girls that are kind, caring, outgoing, get along well with other girls, like to have fun and want to be a part of a team.  I really want the team to be a supportive place for girls so I want models who can be supportive of one another, hype each other up and become a family.

What do models receive?

Models receive shoots throughout their senior year, hair and makeup for some of these shoots, individual senior photo shoot, an LKP Model tshirt, classes and events and so much more!

How will we know if we make the team?

LKP Models will be notified in person in a fun way!  I love to surprise the girls with the news and my current team helps deliver the news!