Hey Y'all!!

I'm a southern girl who loves to travel, find the best restaurants, eat lots of sweets, and shop until I drop.  My dad once said you could literally drop me in the middle of nowhere and I would find the mall without gps. Ha!

I am a mom to two teenage boys and I am married to my real-life cubicle-mate from my first job out of college.  Yes, exactly like Pam and Jim from The Office.

My photography journey began probably earlier than I even realized because I was always the one wanting and taking tons of photos of my friends.

I'm leslie

I'm Leslie

My Story

I had tons of photos displayed in all kinds of frames and collages all over my walls.  I remember a trip to Colorado where I tried out landscape photography because I wanted "art" for my walls.

Fast forward to my kids being born and I was obsessed with having tons of photos of them.  And that is when my photography business was born.  After photographing every type of subject, I realized that I connected most with high school seniors so I created a niche photography business that allows me to specialize in that age group.

My goal is to get to know each and every one of my senior clients so that I can capture the real person.  I want every senior to feel beautiful, comfortable and authentic in front of my camera.  I believe a photo can not only capture the special time in a seniors life but capture the person they may not even realize they are...a strong, beautiful, amazing young girl who is about to embark on the adventure of her life.

Your senior year in high school is such a special time.  A time where you are growing up, realizing your independence, thinking toward your future and what you want to do all while cherishing the last year at home, with the friends you have grown up with and parents who love you.  I want to capture who you are at this moment, the real, authentic, beautiful YOU.

My Goal

1 cup of coffee per day

I really love...

to travel

drink of choice

Coca cola

my fav hobby


Travel to

On My Bucket List...

build a farmhouse
like chip and joanna

On My Bucket List...

Have my own hgtv show flipping houses or building farmhouses

On My Bucket List...

Host my own photography

On My Bucket List...

I want you to feel beautiful and have fun!!  My goal with each shoot is to get to know each other, share our stories and have fun the entire time.  I believe the more fun we have the better the experience will be.  So let's grab some glitter, crank up the music, start a dance party and have some fun!!

my mission

For every single client whether you are a high school senior or boss babe or blogger....



fashion piece

a dress


Coconut cake
from peninsula grill

vacation spot

the beaches of



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All Time Favorites

The all time best tv show is definitely...


beverly hills 90210

southern Charm

My favorite coffee shop in town is...

Barista Tiny

Methodical coffee

village grind

What Activity/sport Did I participate in when i was in high school?

Dance Team

cheer squad

student government

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Let's have some fun!

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